You require someone to transcribe scripts or interviews in English in a fast and efficient manner.


You want someone with an eye for detail who can proofread and edit any work in English, helping with all minor or major alterations needed.


You need a freelance translator with over fifteen years of practical experience in translating texts from German to English.

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Excellent English Expertise

I am a native English speaker who has resided in Germany for over fifteen years, with a passion for language – indicated by my experience as both an English teacher and a writer as well as a language professional. I possess in-depth knowledge of both the source and destination language cultures.

Good Communication Skills

With many years of freelance experience, I have the proven ability to meet deadlines and provide a prompt response to any queries or problems. You can be assured that I possess both self discipline and good project management skills to guarantee a professional customer relationship.

Professional Attitude

Accuracy and attention to detail is very important for the customer, whether it be in translation, proofreading or transcription. I will ensure that all documents are thoroughly edited and any research completed, as necessary. All work is reviewed and revised in detail before being returned and, of course, confidentiality is assured.

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What my clients say

I am very satisfied with Jon’s quality of work, pricing and customer service. I would gladly recommend him to others.┬áIt would be perfect if he could translate both ways.

Julia Stier TCM Kongress Rothenburg, Julia Stier, Head of congress management

I would gladly endorse Jon to anyone seeking a competent translation from German to English. I can only recommend his cheerful, quick and professional work.

Christian Yehoash Former Head of Congress Management at TCM Kongress Rothenburg

We really enjoy working with Jon. Personally, I can only recommend him as a professional translator in the B2B area.

Susanna Heine Deputy Head of Marketing and Communications at estos