estos GmbH.

estos GmbH is an independent software manufacturer dealing with communication. They were founded in 1997, and since then have developed unified communications and CTI software. All of their products are future-oriented and designed for use by small and medium-sized companies. They are based in Starnberg in Bavaria and are one of Germany's leading manufacturers of software for telephony. I first started translating for them in 2006 and since May 2017 I work as their in-house English translator - working on everything from release notes, marketing and press releases along with their website.


The AGTCM is an interdisciplinary member organisation dedicated to the study and practice of Chinese medicine. Founded in 1954, the AGTCM is one of the two oldest organisations for TCM in Germany, boasting a membership of 1600 TCM members. The AGTCM e.V. is also affiliated with other major European and international TCM associations, often engaging them in cooperation. I have been working with the AGTCM since 2013, helping to translate their press releases and website into English.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg

TCM Kongress Rothenburg is the organisation that operates under the umbrella of the AGTCM that organises the TCM Kongress Rothenburg - a yearly congress on Chinese medicine for practitioners that begun in 1968. The congress showcases speakers from around the world and is the largest conference of its kind in Europe, attracting more than 1200 professionals. I have worked alongside the TCM Rothenburg since 2013, translating everything from their monthly newsletters to the menu at the conference!

Metrinomics GmbH.

Metrinomics is a customer experience management company that focuses on global B2B markets. The company has long-standing experience in customer satisfaction, through executive interviews and qualitative market research. They are experts in text analytics, graphical design, advanced statistics and interaction management. I have worked as a freelancer with Metrinomics since 2006, conducting phone interviews with clients and more recently, transcribing executive interviews into English.