When typing a transcription, accuracy and the ability to think critically is very important. Either as a verbatim or an edited transcription, if you need someone to type up an audio file, then look no further. I have a wealth of experience in writing up interviews, conversations, commentaries etc, in the business, entertainment, or media industries. I am also available for legal texts as required and possess the appropriate transcription software to guarantee a fast and efficient conclusion. Of course, all transcriptions are proofread afterwards to minimise and eliminate any potential mistakes.


It is easy to make a mistake, especially in another language, whether it is a typo, spelling or grammatical error. I have extensive experience in proofreading and editing texts and can go through your work with a fine-tooth comb, checking that the language used is correct, along with punctuation and any other more serious editing errors or problems with style. Attention to detail as well as consistency is also important and often it needs a fresh pair of eyes to review whatever has already been written. You can be assured that in addition to many years experience, I have passed a proofreading and editorial course with the PTC (Publishing Training Centre) in London and have an excellent understanding of the English language.


If you are looking for a freelance translator with many years of practical experience in translating texts and presentations of all descriptions, along with videos, audio files, and websites from German to English, then you have come to the right place.  I specialise in IT, computer software, sales and marketing, history (especially military), travel and leisure as well as Chinese medicine. Please note, that all texts are thoroughly proofed and reviewed before return to ensure for an accurate and meticulous translation. It goes without saying that you will receive a speedy service, conforming to any previously agreed deadline. Please note that I only translate texts from German to English, as I believe that you should only translate into your mother language.